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Access to a whole range of Contractor-friendly mortgage lenders.

Available for all types of mortgage, First Time Buyer, Moving Home, Buy to Let, New Build, Help to Buy and Shared Ownership

We’ll do all the paperwork and help you every step of the way

We’ll deal with solicitors and estate agents to ensure a quick, smooth home-buying process

We’ll find the very best deal for you


Will I qualify?

Every application is assessed on an individual basis but the broad criteria is:

1) You must have a current contract in place.
2) You need to prove continuity in the type of work you do.
3) Borrowers new to contracting are acceptable.
4) Income can be defined via annualised daily or hourly rate.

What rate can I get?

Before contractor mortgages were created, many contractors, freelancers and consultants had to rely on self-certified mortgages with higher rates and higher fees. But today, with our help, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to secure the same mortgage rates as someone on PAYE.

We can assess your circumstances on a Contractor or Limited Company basis in order to obtain the most suitable and competitive deal available.

We work closely with you to understand exactly the kind of mortgage you need, then we research the whole market to identify the lender best placed to help.

How is my application assessed?

A standard mortgage application is assessed based on salary plus dividends and/or net profit if you run a limited company. If you’re using an umbrella company then it will be your PAYE income. Traditionally, lending criteria has been based on individuals being either employed, or self-employed. The issue with this traditional approach is that Contractors don’t fall into either of these categories, meaning the sum you’re able to borrow falls short of what you should be able to secure. A Contractor mortgage application is evaluated based on your gross contract rate, with less emphasis on how you get paid. We use your current contract rate to establish a borrowing figure, and a copy of your CV, to demonstrate your skills and experience.

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